St Helens and Knowsley Cataract Assessment Scheme

The Cataract assessment scheme started initially in St Helens in July 2004, but was launched fully to cover both St Helens and Knowsley in April 2005.

The scheme involves a further assessment of patients with cataract by accredited Optometrists.  There is a fee of  £40 paid for each assessment, regardless as to whether the patient is referred to the HES. The strengths of the scheme include fast-track referral, fuller examination and a cooling-off  period, so the patient can make a more informed choice.

The scheme has been well received by GPs, patients, the Hospital trusts  and the PCTs.

The assessments  include:

  • Dilated Fundoscopy using Volk lens
  • Slit-lamp examination of the external eye  
  • Discussion of pros and cons of surgery with the patient
  • Referral direct to patient care advisers via an electronic form, which makes each referral more legible and reproducable
  • Reassessment at suitable intervals


All the documents associated with the scheme are available on this page. They were reveiwed and updated in February 2007.

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If you have any queries regarding this scheme, please contact Bob Wilkes, PCT and LOC adviser 0151 426 2214