North Cheshire Cataract Referral Scheme

This scheme is for all patients whose GP is in the Warrington PCT area.   It is also available for patients with a GP in the Halton part of Halton and St Helens PCT area.

It enables the patient to be offered a choice of venues and dates for their cataract surgery by contacting the PCT Patient Care Advisor themselves.  

  • Following a GOS or private sight test, if an Optometrist decides that cataract referral is appropriate, they complete the "Cataract Referral Form" before the patient leaves. Black ink please.   There is NO requirement to dilate (for the purposes of this scheme).
  • The Optometrist should give the patient a copy of the RNIB Cataract in formation booklet and the form "Patient Advice" containing the telephone number which they must contact.
  • The patient should telephone the Patient Care Advisor approximately 2 days later to be offered a choice of places and dates for their surgery.
  • Optometrist to fax the referral form to the relevant number before the end of the day.
  • Following cessation of drops, usually 6 weeks after surgery, the patient should return for refraction (with form from surgeon to be completed and posted back).   If appropriate, patient may have been offered surgery for second eye.
  • Referral fee of  £8 per patient claimed by completing the "Referral Claim Form" and faxing to appropriate number.   Payment is made by BACS.
  • For further guidance please read "Instructions for referral" document.
  • For administrative advice telephone PAL’s co-ordinator, Val Harper, on 01925 843878


  • Cheshire Cataract Referral Form
  • North Cheshire Instructions for Cataract Referral
  • North Cheshire Patient Instructions
  • Cheshire   Claim Form for Cataract Referral payment