Relocation of Offices of Primary Care Support England

Please see below a communication received from NHS England.


Dear Ophthalmic Contractor,
Please see the message below from Capita Plc regarding the relocation of the offices of Primary Care Support England in London.
All those ophthalmic contractors who currently send their GOS forms to Kirk House in Hillingdon and Stephenson House in Camden, as from 21 June 2016, are to send their GOS forms for payment to:
Ophthalmic Services, Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington DL1 9QN
Dockets to accompany the GOS forms will be sent to you in due course.
Please click here to see the attached doc for further details.


Dear Colleagues, 
On 1 September 2015, Primary Care Support England (PCSE) took on responsibility for the delivery of NHS England’s primary care support services.  
Our priority is to continue delivering the services provided today, but we’ll also introduce new arrangements to help us create national, consistent services for all our users. 
The attached leaflet sets out the changes you can expect to see.
London PCSE offices (Stephenson House and Kirk House) 
As part of our plans for the future, we are relocating all the services currently delivered by our London Stephenson House and Kirk House offices. These offices deliver:
·        Performer list application management
·        GP payments and pensions
·        Ophthalmic payments
·        Pharmacy payments
·        Pharmacy Market Entry
·        Screening administration support
·        Registrations
·        Subject Access Requests
From 21 June 2016, service users who currently use these offices should contact us using the following details:
Generic email:
GOS payment queries:
Phone: 033 3014 2884
PO Box: Ophthalmic Services, Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington DL1 9QN
We’ll write out to all service users of these offices to provide the new contact details.  
Surbiton PCSE office
The Surbiton office, which serves South London (and Surrey), is due for closure at the end of July 2016, and a further similar briefing will be provided closer to that time.
Additional changes to supplies management
At the same time, we launched a new online portal for supplies ordering.
If any practice needs support with registering or accessing the portal, they should and put ‘Portal registration support needed’ in the subject line.
Primary Care Support England
Delivered on behalf of NHS England by Capita