Mid & South Bucks

All referrals, except for cataract, wet AMD, IOP refinements (see below)  and emergencies, should be sent to The Practice: Ophthalmology for triage.  

For local information on referral pathways in Mid & South Bucks, please download the "Eyecare Pathways Mid & South Bucks" document on the right. A new version was posted in January 2018.


Direct Cataract Referral Scheme.

Cataract referral for any patient with a GP in the Buckinghamshire CCG (the new name for the merged Aylesbury Vale and Chiltern CCGs) area should only be made by an optometrist accredited to do so. Optometrists not accredited and GPs should refer to a colleague on the list. For information on how to gain accreditation, download the document from this page.

Also available to download is the cataract referral form ("Cataract form"). These used to be issued as three part, carbonless forms, but you are now required to photocopy them as needed.

Patients may be referred to either Wycombe or Stoke Mandeville Hospital, for their initial appointment, but surgery is likely to take place at Stoke Mandeville. Alternatively, patients may exercise their right of choice, and be seen outside the area. There is more information about this in the Patient Choice section.


From 1st April 2018, Aylesbury Vale and Chiltern CCGs have merged to become Buckinghamshire CCG. Invoices for direct cataract referrals must now be sent to Wakefield (as before) but addressed to Bucks CCG. A template invoice for Bucks CCG is available to download from this page. Please note that invoices should not contain any information which could identify the patient, eg NHS number, but should include the GP practice code, which usually begins with the letter K (eg for Amersham Health Centre it is K82004). A list of CCG GP member practices with their practice codes is also available for download.

Please refer also to the most recent cataract referrals threshold document, issued by Bucks PCT in October 2011.  

Note that some of the documentation now contains some obsolete contact details, since Bucks PCT no longer exists, but the CCG has not issued replacements. Check with Angela bucksloc@hotmail.com if you have any queries about this.



A few practices are contracted to the  IOP repeat readings scheme, and accredited optometrists within those practices may refine suspect ocular hypertensive (OHT) patient referrals using Goldmann Applanation Tonometry. Non-accredited optometrists should refer to accredited optometrists within their practice if possible, or to 'The Practice' if not. Patients with suspicious discs or   visual fields defects should be referred in the normal way. All referrals and  claims for the IOP refinement scheme  should be processed electronically through Webstar OptoManager, and details of this process are given during the training and accreditation. For a reminder of this process, watch this webinar


Contact the secretary bucksloc@hotmail.com for more details about this scheme.