Wet AMD Fast Track Referral

The referral criteria for the Wet AMD service are a less than 3 month history of any of the following:

  • Visual loss.
  • Spontaneously reported distortion.
  • Onset of a missing patch/blurring in the central vision.

The vision should be better than 6/96 in the affected eye. If the vision is better than the accepted treatment threshold you should refer them anyway so they can be diagnosed and monitored.

If your patient meets the criteria for potential wet AMD treatment, then you refer to either:

  • Manchester Eye Hospital – they prefer you to call Acute Referral on 0161 276 5583 to make an appointment and complete a Wet AMD Rapid Access Referral Form, giving this to the patient.
  • Rochdale Infirmary – fax the Wet AMD Rapid Access Referral Form to 0161 621 3835
  • Spa Medica - fax the Wet AMD Rapid Access Referral Form to 0161 835 1704


Wet AMD Referral form

This file can be filled electronically or printed. To edit the form if you wish to add your practice details as a template choose 'Tools' then 'Unprotect'. In protected mode use TAB to move between fields.