Frequency Of NHS Eye Examinations

There are guidelines that determine the minimum interval between eye examinations, when performed as part of GOS.
Recommended Minimum Interval between eye tests are:
Under 16 – 1 year
Between 16 years and 70 years – 2 years
70 years and over – 1 year
Over 40 with a family history of glaucoma – 1 year
are Diabetic or have Glaucoma – 1 year
have Ocular hypertension and not in a monitoring scheme – 1 year


In certain situations an early test may be conducted.  These conditions are: -


1. Patient is at risk of frequent changes of prescription for reasons not requiring medical referral or for reasons already known to a medical practitioner.
2. Patient has pathology likely to worsen, e.g. ARMD, Cataracts, Corneal Dystrophy or Congenital Anomalies
3. Patient has presented with symptoms or concerns requiring ophthalmic investigation
3.1. Resulting in referral to medical practitioner
3.2. Resulting in issue of changed prescription
3.3. Resulting in either no change/referral (patient records should show any symptoms to support this claim)
4. Patient 
4.1. needs complex lenses
4.2. has corrected vision of less than 6/60 in one eye
5. Patient has
5.1. Presented at the request of a medical practitioner
5.2. Is being managed by an optometrist under the GOC referral rules. E.g. suspect visual fields on one occasion which is not confirmed on repeat, or abnormal IOP with no other significant signs of glaucoma
5.3. Identified in protocols as needing to be seen more frequently because of risk factors
6. Other Unusual circumstances requiring clinical investigation