GOS Information

Information on the new contract and subsequent variations/additions can be found in the files on the RHS of this page. 

We have uploaded for your interest, a document regarding the provision of second pairs of spectacles and the management of Rx non-tolerance. This was issued by NHS England for Greater Manchester.

The new claim form for a second pair in Shropshire is available on the RHS of this page.

There is also an up to date list of providers of domiciliary services on the RHS.


Quality in Optometry Website

The updated QiO website is now live. QiO has been comprehensively overhauled for 2017 with new features including linear navigation, and a refined overall appearance, while outdated content has been removed.  

QiO’s core purpose to host clinical governance compliance toolkits for optical professionals remains unchanged. QiO is funded by LOCSU on behalf of the profession and supported by the College of Optometrists, AOP, ABDO and FODO.

The URL for QiO is unchanged: http://www.qualityinoptometry.co.uk/


Ophthalmic payments - January 2017 - Information from Capita PCSE

New tailored submission headers

All opticians should have now received, and be using, the new tailored submission headers. Please visit our Ophthalmic payments page for example headers.

Please send in two copies of each submission header (all claims need an associated GOS form specific batch header). One copy will then be returned to you to assist with the reconciliation of payments. If you’ve not received the submission headers for your practice, if you’d like pdf versions, or if you have any queries about their usage, please email us at pcse.enquiries@nhs.net and put ‘GOS Submission Headers’ in the email subject line.

All GOS claim forms with accompanying submission headers should be sent to: Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN. If you’d like to courier forms to us, there is a separate address courier firms should use: Capita Document & Information Services (PCSE) Unit 1, Roundhouse Road, Faverdale Industrial Estate, Darlington, DL3 0UR.

GOS payment reconciliation

As announced in the December bulletin, a new team has been put in place to conduct GOS payment reconciliation. The team is now fully embedded and has started the reconciliation process. We aim to complete this activity by the end of March 2017, following which, any under or over payment made to practices will be corrected.  We’ll keep you updated on progress through these bulletins.

Changes to GOS3 and 4 form processing

PCSE will shortly return to individual processing for GOS 3 and 4 forms. Once this has been implemented, practices will receive itemised statements, allowing for easier reconciliation. We’ll start to roll this change out in phases across the country starting February 2017.

National Performers List update

Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin optoms are in NHS England Midlands and East (North Midlands)

NPL1 applications

Performers list applicants with a qualification date between July and December 2016
Applications from optometrists who applied to join the performers list with a qualification date in 2016 continue to be processed as a priority. We are sorry for the delay some applicants may have experienced in the processing of their application, or with the response to queries on their application.

Optometrists will receive a letter by email from PCSE, confirming their inclusion on the National Performers List following approval of their application by NHS England. Optometrists can conduct NHS sight tests as soon as they receive this confirmation letter and do not need to wait until their details are added on the performers list website.  We are aiming to process the majority of applications from the September cohort (where we have all the required information) by the end of January 2017.

Any applicants who qualified in 2016 who are awaiting confirmation of their inclusion should ensure that they and their referees have provided all relevant documentation to PCSE. This will enable us to submit their application to NHS England for consideration as soon as possible.

Pre-registration optometrists applying to join the list in 2017
Pre-registration optometrists can complete and submit their application form to PCSE up to three months prior to completing their pre-registration year. We would encourage all applicants to complete and submit their application as soon as possible. We offered applicants sitting the January 2017 OSCEs the opportunity to meet with the PCSE team while in Manchester to complete the face to face interview that is required as part of the application process.

Details on how to apply to join the list can be found on the Performer List page.

Other performers list requests
It is an ongoing priority to ensure that all new applicants are included on the performers list as quickly as possible (NPL1 applications). We’d like to offer our apologies to any practice or practitioner who may have experienced a delayed response with regards to other types of performers list requests (such as change of home or work address). We’ve recently recruited additional people into the performers list team, which will help improve the processing speed and handling of all types of performers list queries and change requests.

Contacting PCSE

Please only email PCSE from a business or nhs.net email address.

SUPPLIES – via NHS portal – see website  - pcse.england.nhs.net

                           Telephone 0333 014 2884 Option 2


PAYMENTS - GOS Claims to – PCSE PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN.

                             Telephone 0333 014 2884  Option 3


QUERIES ON PAYMENTS  -   Best action - email (enter Optical on email header)      

and send to -                  pcse.optical-leeds@nhs.net           and request a call back.

                                                 or telephone -  0333 014 2884 option 3

                                                 or write to       PCSE, 3 Caxton Road, Fulwood Preston PR2 922

 Managing urgent queries

We continue to prioritise any urgent queries. These include:

  • Any issue relating to performers list applications for existing practitioners and any removals or suspensions.
  • Payment issues which could affect the financial stability of a business, or create financial hardship for an individual performer.
  • Urgent supply needs.

If your query is in relation to one of the above, please ensure that this is clear in your email subject header or in the conversation you have with our support centre staff, so that it can be prioritised.

To enable us to log and respond to email queries as efficiently as possible and avoid duplication, please can we ask that you do not copy in other PCSE email addresses (generic email boxes and individual staff members) when emailing us at: pcse.enquiries@nhs.net. 


 Telford & Wrekin CCG

 Shropshire CCG