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    Norfolk & Waveney Local Optical Committee


Norfolk & Waveney LOC is a statutory organisation representing the Performers and Contractors providing General Ophthalmic Services within the Norfolk & Waveney Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) area. The main role of the LOC is to work with local NHS commissioners to make community eye care services accessible to patients and cost effective for the NHS.

The objective of this website is to provide information about all aspects of eye care provision available within Norfolk and Waveney for eye care practitioners, health care professionals and the public . Please explore the rest of our site by clicking on the subject related links.

Purpose of the LOC

Liaising with local NHS Commissioners and other organisations.

Collating general optical correspondence on mandatory procedures, best practice and benchmarking.

Disseminating information to the profession.

Developing the role of optometry in the community.

Developing partnerships with neighbouring LOCs.