Cataract Information & Local Protocol

Criteria: Cataract scheme applies if; Patients registered with a GP practice within NHS Manchester.

Patients with a visual acuity of 6/9 or better in either eye are considered a LOW PRIORITY for cataract surgery. 

Cataract surgery will be commissioned only for patients who, after correction have a visual acuity of less than 6/9 in their cataract affected eyes. 
Referral of patients with cataracts to ophthalmologists should therefore be based upon three following indications;

  1. Willingness to Undergo Surgery
    1. Before referring, the optometrist or OMP will have discussed the risks and benefits of surgery and ensured that the patient understands and is willing to undergo surgery
    2. Referral of patients for surgery should be based on the following indications:
      1. Reduced Visual Acuity
        1. Documented to be less than 6/9 in the affected eye (corrected), AND
      2. Impairment of Lifestyle such as:
        1. Patient at significant risk of falls
        2. Patients VA affecting their ability to drive
        3. Patients VA substantially affecting their ability to work
        4. Patients VA substantially affecting their ability to undertake leisure activities such as reading, watching TV or recognizing faces, OR
      3. Anisometropia and/or Glare
        1. Patients with cataract suffering significant functional disability from anisometropia and/or glare. These patients will not be required to fulfill criteria (2) and (3).
      4. Ability to remain still and lie supine (flat on their back) for approx 20 mins. 
        · On May 1st 2012, the DVLA have revised their guidelines for drivers to include Visual acuity
      5. Information regarding visual fields is available on the DVLA website.

      If you are accredited for cataract referrals - conduct the full examination and counselling. If the patient wants / is suitable for surgery, please send the completed cataract referral form printed from Webstar to using your NHS.NET email account.

      A copy is sent to the patients GP. ( Manchester GPs ONLY).

      The Referral Booking Management Service (RBMS) is now Manchester Integrated Care Gateway (MICG) Burnage Community Healthcare Centre 347 Burnage Lane Manchester M19 1EW.

      The new contact telephone number is 0161 443 0631, 

      The patient telephone number is 0800 092 4020

      If If their GP is not a Manchester registered GP - please use a GOS18.

      If you are not accredited for cataract referral, please ask the patient to contact an accredited Optometrist to carry out the referral - but also inform the GP of your actions

      Hospitals offering NHS cataract surgery.

      NHS: Withington / MREH Nell Lane

      Manchester M20 2LR

      Private hospitals providing NHS surgery

      Spa Medica Citygate Central

      Blantyre Street, Castlefield,

      Manchester, M15 4SQ



      Optegra Manchester Eye Hospital

      One Didsbury Point

      2 The Avenue (off The Boulevard),

      Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2EU

      List of cataract accredited Optometrists


      Manchester 2 Framed Opticians 1- 3 St Annes Passage King Street Manchester M2 6AB 839 6753
      Manchester 4 Specsavers Opticians Unit 84 Halle Mall Arndale Centre Manchester M4 2HU 834 6665
      Manchester 8 The Eyesite Opticians 58 Bury Old Road Cheetham Hill Manchester M8 5BN 795 2341
      Manchester 8 Vision Service Opticians 4 Progress Buildings Halliwell Lane Cheetham Hill M8 9ER 740 9009
      Manchester 9 Arrowsmith Opticians 672 Rochdale Road Harpurhey Manchester M9 5TT 205 2575
      Manchester 9 Optical Express Unit 31 North City Shopping Centre Manchester M9 4DH 205 6925
      Manchester 9 Specsavers Unit 41 North City Shopping Centre Manchester M9 4DH 202 8710
      Manchester 11 Eyes Right Opticians 1304 Ashton Old Road Openshaw Manchester M11 1JG 370 1553
      Manchester 11 Openshaw Optical 1311 Ashton Old Road Openshaw Manchester M11 1JS 370 1800
      Manchester 12 J S R Opticians 588 Stockport Road Longsight Manchester M12 4JJ 225 5943
      Manchester 13 Glasses4Less Opticians 380 Dickenson Road Longsight Manchester M13 0WQ 256 2266
      Manchester 13 Optometry Clinics University of Manchester Carys Bannister Building Dover Street Manchester M13 9PT 200 3860
      Manchester 14 J S R Opticians 60 Wilmslow Road Rusholme Manchester M14 5AL 224 0163
      Manchester 14 You and Eye 172 Wilmslow Road Rusholme Manchester M14 5LQ 224 6550
      Manchester 14 Specsavers Opticians 114 Mauldeth Road Fallowfield Manchester M14 6SQ 434 2755
      Manchester 14 Murray and Haggerty 173 Princess Road Moss Side Manchester M14 4RL 226 1031
      Manchester 18 Optieye Care 646 Hyde Road Gorton Manchester M18 7EE 223 2001
      Manchester 18 Selby and Glover 167 Chapman Street Gorton Manchester M18 8LY 223 0694
      Manchester 19 Direct Vision 827 Stockport Road Levenshulme Manchester M19 3PN 248 4200
      Manchester 19 Lindops Opticians 923 Stockport Road Levenshulme Manchester M19 3PZ 224 6878
      Manchester 19 J M Bluston Opticians 904 Stockport Road Levenshulme Manchester M19 3AD 224 2290
      Manchester 20 Guys Opticians 492 Wilmslow Road Withington Manchester M20 3BG 445 4723
      Manchester 20 Didsbury Eye Care 717 Wilmslow Road Didsbury Manchester M20 6WF 445 7668
      Manchester 20 Jo Padmore Eyewear 790 Wilmslow Road Didsbury Manchester M20 2DR 445 8855
      Manchester 20 H J Wheeldon 106 Palatine Road Manchester M20 3YB 445 2226
      Manchester 20 Murray and Haggerty 238 Fog Lane Burnage Manchester M20 6EL 434 4597
      Manchester 20 M J Leeming Opticians 1a School Lane Didsbury Manchester M20 6RD 445 5307
      Manchester 20 The Eye Team458 Wilmslow RoadWithingtonManchesterM20 3BG 445 4441
      Manchester 21 Cadman Opticians 420a Wilbraham Road Chorlton Manchester M21 0AS 860 5494
      Manchester 21 Direct Vision 444 Wilbraham Road Chorlton Manchester M21 0AG 860 6363
      Manchester 21 Boots Opticians 426 Barlow Moor Road Chorlton Manchester M21 8AD 881 9661
      Manchester 21 A H Merton Opticians 448 Barlow Moor Road Chorlton Manchester M21 1BQ 881 2588
      Manchester 21 Visioncare Opticians 420 Barlow Moor Road Chorlton Manchester M21 8AD 860 6656
      Manchester 22 Specsavers Opticians 17 The Birtles Civic Centre Wythenshawe Manchester M22 5SA 437 9252
      Manchester 22 F S L Opticians 166 Hollyhedge Road Benchill Manchester M22 9UE 998 0269
      Manchester 22 Jennings Opticians Unit 7,  Haletop Civic Centre Wythenshawe Manchester M22 5RN 437 3042
      Manchester 22 Vision Service Opticians 379 Palatine Road Northenden Manchester M22 4FY 998 7874
      Manchester 40 Ian Creek (Gent Bros )325 Hollinwood Avenue New Moston Manchester M40 0JA 681 1348
      Manchester 40 F S L Opticians 217 Lightbowne Road Moston Manchester M40 9DD 681 2425
      Manchester 40 P Toleman Opticians 86 Old Church Street Newton Heath Manchester M40 2JF 681 5931

      Please see documents below with regards to Cataract Service Spec, Cataract Appeal Process and Cataract Pre-Op Questionnaire for your information.