Primary Eyecare (Hertfordshire) Limited

Primary Eyecare (Hertfordshire) Limited is a not for profit organisation which contracts on behalf of optical Practices in the Hertfordshire region.



Chairman: Daniel Harris

Finance Director: Eileen Gay

Directors: Eileen Gay, Kajal Shah, Barbie Wheatcroft

Information Governance Lead: Barbie Wheatcroft

Caldicott Guardian: Barbie Wheatcroft

Senior Information Risk Owner: Daniel Harris

Accountable Emergency Officer: Daniel Harris

Safeguarding Lead: Kajal Shah

Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty Lead: Kajal Shah

Prevent Lead: Kajal Shah

Provider Representative: Daniel Harris (service specific)

Clinical Governance and Performance Lead: Daniel Harris (service specific)



To contact PECH (Primary Eyecare (Hertfordshire) Limited) please email: