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The LOC Support Unit provides quality, practical support to Local Optical Committees (LOCs) in England to help them to develop, negotiate and implement local objectives in respect of primary ophthalmic services. It is a key interface between the optical, representative bodies and the LOCs, facilitating robust lines of communication between the national organisations and the grass roots of the professions. Improving the degree and level of communications will help  LOCs to be more effective in expanding the role of optometry locally.


The Unit is  run by a Board of Directors, with representation from LOCs, ABDO, AOP and FODO; in addition, an observer from the College of Optometrists attends all Board meetings.


The LOC Support Unit's website, in addition to being a source of information and advice, also provides a facility for LOCs to establish and maintain their own, bespoke websites. Practitioners can access the website of their LOC, through the portal of the Unit's website to learn who their local LOC officials are, what enhanced services are operating in the area - in fact, whatever information and guidance that their LOC makes available to them. This is part of the Unit's overall package of support for those LOCs who support it financially. It is an effective way of helping LOCs to improve communications with local practitioners, ensuring that they reach as wide a constituency as possible, including Primary Care Trusts, Local Health Boards and other relevant NHS bodies.  


The LOC Support Unit has produced a number of documents which LOCs can use to help them function more effectively. These documents range from business support  e.g. assistance to create a business plan, through to expert advice on how to make the case for the introduction of an enhanced service locally.  


If you want to access the individual websites of the LOCs who are linking their websites via the LOCSU, click on the LOCs listed to the left of this page.    


LOCSU also has a secure web area only available to LOCSU-approved personnel. The website contains all current LOCSU information, including confidential items such as secure briefings, clinical pathways and secure forums. To access this area, please contact your LOC for the login details.    


Please contact LOCSU if you need advice or assistance. We are here to help you.


Katrina Venerus, Managing Director

Email:   katrinavenerus@locsu.co.uk

Jacque Hudson, Office Manager

Tel: 020 7549 2051 or Email:  info@locsu.co.uk


Central (LOC)  Fund

If you want to find out more about the work of the Central LOC Fund, please click here.


Dates for the Diary 2015

7-9 February - 100% Optical

18-20 April - Optrafair 2015

18 June - Vision Strategy Conference

5-6 November - National Optical Conference


For further events throughout the year, please visit LOCSU's website for details via our events calendar found on the home page.